How to select non-adjacent cells in Google Sheets

This dataset contains customer orders with various details. It provides insights into sales patterns, customer behaviour, and payment preferences across different product categories in the US. The tutorial covers selecting non-adjacent cells for formatting and analysis.

Selecting non-adjacent cells in Excel provides flexibility and efficiency in performing various tasks, allowing you to work with specific cells regardless of their physical arrangement on the spreadsheet.

Step 1 – Select the first cell

– To begin, hover your mouse over the desired starting cell.
– Proceed by left-clicking on the cell to select it

Step 2 – Select two non-adjacent cells

– Now, Press and hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard.
– Hover your mouse over the second cell you wish to select.
– While holding the “Ctrl” button, click on the second cell.
– The two cells will now be selected, while the first cell remains selected.
– Repeat this process to select any additional cells you want to include in the selection.