How to sort Google Sheets by color

In this tutorial we will learn how to sort google sheets by color. To apply color sorting to our data of google sheet we use create filter option from data tab and further we use sort by color. By using the Sort by color option we can place any same colored data on the top of selected data.

Color sorting is a way of sorting your colored data that allows the user to make data presentable and manageable. It is used  to combine data of the same color. In the large database with colored data it becomes difficult to analyze the data and to arrange such data color sorting is used.

Step 1 – Select the data

– Select the data on which you want to apply the filter

Step 2 – Click on Data Tab

– Click on data Tab and a drop down menu will appear

Step 3 – Click on Create Filter

– From the dropdown menu click on Create Filter and a filter sign will appear on the first cell of every selected column

Step 4 – Click on the Filter Icon

– Click on the Filter Icon and a dropdown menu will appear

Step 5 – Click on Sort by Color option

– From the Drop down menu Click on Sort by Color option

Step 6 – Select the Color

– Click on Fill Color if you have colored cells and Click on Text Color if you have colored text 
– Click on Color which you want to appear at the top to get the required result