How to set print area in Google sheets

Google sheets has a built-in list of special functions that can be used for complex mathematical calculations. In our day to day routine we have to face a situation in which we are not willing to print the whole sheet of Google sheets, it is practically not possible to print one sheet on a single paper in viewable format. In this case Google sheets allow us to print specific areas of our choice.

Let’s start to print the selected areas in Google sheets.

Step 1 – Select an area to print

– Drag with the help of a handle.

– Select the cells to print.

– Press hotkey CTRL + P. or press the print button in the toolbar.

– To select our desired cell click on PRINT , on the top right corner .

– A drop down menu will appear.

– Select the second option, selected cells.

– It will automatically select our selected cells in the printable area.

– Click on NEXT.

– A new dialog box for printer selection will appear.

– Select the printer.

– Click on the print button.

Above is an animation as an example.

Hence, by following the above mentioned steps we can print only the selected data from the data range.