How to insert Emoji in Google Sheets

Inserting emojis in Google Sheets is important as it adds a visual element to the spreadsheet, enhancing communication and making data more engaging. Emojis can convey emotions, emphasize certain points, or provide visual cues, thereby improving the clarity and impact of the information being presented. By incorporating emojis, Google Sheets becomes a more versatile and expressive tool for effective data representation and communication.

In this article we will be focusing on how to insert emojis in google sheets as inserting emojis in Google Sheets allows users to enhance their spreadsheets with visual elements, bringing a new level of expression and communication to the data. Emojis provide a concise way to convey emotions, emphasize key points, or add a touch of creativity.

Method – 1 Add Emoji from Insert 

Step – 1 Go to Insert

  • On your computer, open a Google Doc.
  • At the top go to Insert and then click on Emoji.

Step – 2 Choose your desired Emoji 

  • Choose your desired emoji.
  • Enter your emoji and press Enter

Step – 3 Paste it on google sheets

  • Now copy the desired emoji and go to your Google Sheet 
  • In your Google Sheet you can paste the emoji that you have copied.

Method – 2 Insert Emojis through Extensions 

Step – 1 Add “Add Emojis to Documents”

  • Go to Extensions and then go to Add-ons.
  • Click on Get add ons a new extension window will be opened.
  • In the search box type Add Emojis to Documents.
  • Select the extension and install it.

Step – 2 Open the Emoji keyboard

  • Go to Extensions and then click on Add emoji to Document a dialogue box will appear.
  • From the dialogue box click on Add emoji keyboard.

Step – 3 Copy and paste the Emoji 

  • Now go to your Emoji Keyboard and search for your desired emoji.
  • Click on the emoji and then copy it.
  • Paste it into the cell you want to insert your emoji.


In conclusion, inserting Emojis in Google Sheets adds visual appeal and enhances communication within spreadsheets. Emojis provide a quick and expressive way to convey emotions, emphasize points, and engage with data. They can improve collaboration by allowing team members to express reactions and feedback more intuitively. Additionally, Emojis can be utilized in data visualization to make charts and tables more visually engaging and easier to understand. Overall, incorporating Emojis in Google Sheets enhances the overall presentation, clarity, and effectiveness of data communication.