How To Convert Google Docs To Google Sheets 

However, there are situations where the data you need to work with is initially stored in a Google Doc. Perhaps you have a list of survey responses, sales records, or even a table of contents that you’d like to transform into a more structured and manageable format. By converting Google Docs to Google Sheets, you can take advantage of Sheets’ dynamic features to manipulate, analyze, and visualize the data in a way that suits your specific needs.

Google Docs and Google Sheets are both incredibly powerful tools with unique functionalities. Google Docs is an excellent choice for creating and collaborating on text-based documents, such as reports, articles, or project proposals. On the other hand, Google Sheets is designed for handling numerical data, offering powerful calculations, sorting, filtering, and visualization capabilities. 

Step 1 – Open Google Docs

– Open Google Docs & sign in into your account.
– Find the document you want to export & click on it.
– The document will open.

Step 2 – Go To The File Menu

– Go to the file menu.
– Move your cursor to the Download option.
– Select Web page (.html, zipped) from the sub menu.
– File will be downloaded onto your PC.

Step 3 – Unzip The Downloaded Folder

– In order to import the file in Google Sheets, first we will have to unzip the downloaded folder to extract the file.
– Locate the folder & double click on it.
– Select the file & click on the Extract all button.
– File will be extracted in another folder.

Step 4 – Open Google Sheets

– Open Google Sheets & sign in into your account.
– The blank sheet will be open into your browser.

Step 5 – Go To File Menu

– Now, go to the file menu.
– Click on the Import button.

Step 6 – Upload The File

– Import file dialog box will appear on your screen.
– Click on the upload tab
– Browse & open the file.

Step 7 – Import File Dialog Box

– Downloaded file will be selected.
– From the import location drop down button select Create new spreadsheet option.
– Press the import data button.
– Click on the Open now button to open the file.
– Google Docs file will be imported into the Google Sheets.