How to change percentage on pie chart in Google Sheets

In this tutorial we will learn how to change the percentage on pie charts in Google Sheets and how to create Pie charts in Google Sheets. Google sheets makes the charts by analyzing the data itself. To change the percentages in pie charts, we need to change the data. 

We can only change the labels of pie charts, which is set NONE by default. Once the Pie chart is made. We can not change the percentage values by customizing the pie charts characteristics.

Percentage values on a pie chart facilitate easy comparisons between different categories. It enables viewers to quickly grasp the relative significance of each category without the need to interpret specific numerical values.

Step 1 – Select the data range and Insert

– Open the google sheet.
– Select the data range of which you want to represent in Pie Charts.
– Click on the Insert menu .
– A dropdown menu will appear.
– Click on the Charts. As shown above

Step 2 – Select the chart type

– As you will select the Charts option, google sheet will automatically insert a bar chart by default.
– A side menu will open with the heading of the Charts editor.
– Click on the Chart Type.
– A drop down menu will appear and drag it down to the PIE segment.
– Select your desired Pie charts.
– As soon as you select the pie charts. Google sheet automatically analyzes your data range and makes pie charts of it. As shown above,

Step 3 – Go to customize tab and select Pie chart

-In the top menu, click on “Chart Editor” (the icon that looks like a bar graph). This will open the Chart Editor sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen.
– In the Chart Editor sidebar, you’ll see several tabs. Click on the “Customize” tab, which is represented by a paint roller icon.
– Scroll down the sidebar until you find the “Pie Charts” section. Here, you’ll see various options to customize your chart. Animation is given aboive;

Step 4 – Change the label to percentage

– Look for the “Pie chart” subsection within the “Chart Style” section. Click on the drop-down menu next to “Value labels” to expand it.
– By default, the “Value labels” option is set to “None.” Change this to “Percentage.” This will display the percentage values on your pie chart.
– As you select “Percentage,” you’ll notice that the pie chart updates in real-time to display the percentage values. As shown above;