How to zip an Excel file

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Compressing or zipping a file is a way to reduce the size of a file so that it occupies less space on your computer. Many applications have limitations on the size of the file when they are being used to transfer the file. If you have a large Excel file that you want to send out, you will need to zip it before sending it by email. In this example, we will use 7-zip to zip a file, but any other archiving tool will work just as well.

Step 1 – Add the file to the archive 

– In File Explorer, find the file that is to be compressed
– Right-click and select the archive tool, in this case, 7-zip
– Select the option to add the file to the archive

Step 2 – Check that the file size has been reduced

– Compare the sizes of the zipped and unzipped files to see how much the file size has been reduced