How to undo in Excel

While making data entries or doing other operations in Excel there is a high probability of making mistakes that need to be reverted. That’s when we need to use the undo function of Excel.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to use undo in Excel effectively by following these simple steps. Let’s consider this dataset above.

Method 1 Use keyboard shortcut

Step 1 – Undo by using shortcut key CTRL+Z 

  • To use the undo function in Excel, we can simply press CTRL+Z and the most recent change will be reverted back. However, if you want to revert a less recent change then you will have to use this shortcut key multiple times to reach to the actual mistake. However, in this process you will also revert the correct entries. Let’s assume that we have made a spelling mistake while writing the names of items and now we wish to change it back by pressing CTRL+Z as shown below.

Method 2 Use Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1 – Locate Undo key in quick access toolbar 

  • We can also perform undo function by using the quick access toolbar. The quick access toolbar is available at the top with the Title bar. 

Step 2 – Enable Undo key in quick access toolbar if you don’t see it

  • If you can’t see the undo key in the quick access toolbar then click on the arrow at the end of the quick access toolbar to customize it and enable the undo key. 

 Step 3 – Click on Undo dropdown arrow to see a list of recent actions

  • Now click on the undo dropdown arrow to see a list of recent actions. You can choose as many actions you wish to undo.

Step 4 – Perform undo through quick access toolbar

  • Now choose as many actions you wish and then just click with the mouse to perform undo actions.