How to shrink an Excel spreadsheet 

We have a spreadsheet with annual profit and sales information, which will be used to illustrate the steps for shrinking an Excel spreadsheet. Follow the following steps to learn how to shrink an Excel spreadsheet 

“Shrinking” an Excel spreadsheet refers to reducing the file size of the Excel file itself. It involves methods to decrease the storage space required by the spreadsheet file. This is beneficial for various reasons, such as optimizing storage capacity, improving file transfer speeds, or reducing the memory footprint of the Excel file. By shrinking an Excel spreadsheet, you can create more efficient and compact files that are easier to manage and share.

Step 1 – Save the file 

– Go to the file option in the menu bar.
– Select the Save as option.

Step 2 – Select the file type 

– In the destination selector select File type selector. 
– A drop-down menu will open.
– From the dropdown menu select Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb).
– Select save.
– This will compress the size of the file