How to separate address in Excel without comma

In this tutorial we will learn how to separate data in excel without comma. To separate data we will use the Text to Column function from the Data tab. By using the Text to Column function we can separate data written in cell (separated by Comma, semicolon, Space or any other specific symbol). Following are the steps to guide you to use the Text to Column option.

To separate data without a comma in Excel means if you have a data set, which contains different  types of data in the same cells separated by space, hashtags or any other symbol (except comma) and you want each type of data to be written in a different column. If you have such a data set with different types of data written in the same cells it becomes difficult to analyze and understand it. Here separation helps a lot to organize your data.

Step 1 – Select the Range of Cell

– Select the range of cell containing the address by “Handle select” and “drag and Drop” method

Step 2 – Click on Text to Column

– Click on Text to column option in Data tab and a dialog box will appear

Step 3 –  click on Delimited

– In the dialog box click on Delimented 
– Click on Next at end of dialog box to complete first step of dialog box

Step 4 – Select space

– After completing first step of dialog box, dialog box of second step will appear 
– In this dialog box select Space in the menu below Delimiters option
– Click on Next after selecting Space to complete second step of dialog box

Step 5 – Select General

– After completing the second step of dialog box, dialog box of third step will appear
– In this dialog box select General from menu below Column data format 

Step 6 – Select the Location 

– In the dialog box of third step select the location where you want to show separated data
In box next to destination option
– To select location, click on box next to destination and than use Drag and Drop method

Step 7 – Click on Finish

– Click on finish in third step dialog box after selecting the destination, to get the required results