How to search an Excel document

You can watch a video tutorial here.

When you have a very large Excel document and you need to find a particular value, you can use the search option. 

Step 1 – Open the Find and Replace window

– Go to Home > Editing > Find and Select > Find
Press Ctrl+F

Step 2 – Type in the value

– Select the Find tab
– Type in the value that you are looking for
– Click on Options

Step 3 – Set the parameters

– Define the parameters for the search
Within: the scope of the search
Sheet: searches only in the current sheet
Workbook: searches in all sheets of the current workbook
Search: the order of the search
By Rows: searches horizontally
By Columns: searches vertically
Look in: the elements to search
Formulas: searches for the value in the formulas
Values: searches only in the cell value
Notes: searches notes inserted in the sheet
Comment: searches comments attached to the sheet
Match case: looks for an identical match to the case e.g. ‘And’ will not be returned in the result
Match entire cell contents: searches for cells that contain only the search value and nothing else. Cells that contain the search value with other text will not be returned as part of the result
– Click Find All

Step 4 – Browse the search results

– Go through the list of search results 
– Select the instance of the search value that you are interested in and it will be shown in the worksheet
– Use Find Next to run through the search results one-by-one
Note: To do a quick search with the default settings, press Ctrl+F and use Find Next