How to save Excel as PDF without cutting off

You can watch a video tutorial here.

The PDF file format is commonly used when sharing information. Excel files can also be saved in PDF format but because of the spreadsheet layout, you need to first check the page layout. When saving an Excel sheet as PDF, the data must be formatted so that it is properly aligned on the page. Sometimes the rows and columns extend beyond the boundaries of a page so before converting an Excel file to a PDF you need to first fit it to a page. In this way, you can ensure that the data is not cut off and saved across multiple pages.

Step 1 – Open the Print menu

– Go to File > Print

Step 2 – Expand the No Scaling menu 

– Check the number of pages
– Expand the No Scaling menu 

Step 3 – Fit the sheet 

– Select Fit Sheet on One Page 

Step 4 – Check the result

– Check the number of pages
– The data has been fitted to a single page

Step 5 – Open the Save As box

– Go to File > Save As

Step 6 – Save as PDF

– Give the file a name
– Expand the file type dropdown and select PDF(*.pdf)
– Click Save

Step 7 – Check the result

– Open the file in a PDF viewer
– The data is displayed on a single page without any data being cut off