How to round to nearest whole number in Excel

This guide will help you round any number to the nearest whole number in Excel. Microsoft Excel provides a built-in function of round off. The formula is given below;


In the formula phrase, select the desired value  then we can set the integer value where we wish to round off.

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for numeric data computation and calculation. Microsoft Excel offers a variety of functions and formulas that can help you round numbers up or down.

Step 1 – Select the data range and apply the formula

– Open your Excel document. 
– Select the range of cells that contains the numbers you would like to round. 
– Enter the formula, “=ROUND(number,0)” into the formula bar. Replace “number” with the cell reference containing the number you would like to round. Enter 0 to round the value to the whole number.
– Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to complete the formula. 
– Copy and paste the formula into the remaining cells in the range you originally selected. 
– Press “Ctrl+S” to save your Excel document. 

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily round any number to the nearest whole number in Microsoft Excel.