How to resize a chart in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

When a chart is created in Excel, it is created as an object. This means that it is not tied to a particular cell and is an independent entity that can be moved or resized according to the requirement. You may need to resize a chart to make it fit better on a sheet or to make the data displayed clearer for the reader.

Option 1 – Use the sizing handles

Step 1 – Select the chart

  • Select the chart
  • Move the pointer over the lower right corner of the chart till it changes to a sizing handle (double-sided arrow)

Step 2 – Drag the sizing handle

  • Drag the sizing handle out to increase the size of the chart
  • Release the sizing handle when the chart reaches the desired size

Step 3 – Check the result

  • The size of the chart is increased

Option 2 – Use the menu option

Step 1 – Summon the Format menu

  • Select the chart
  • The Format menu option will appear

Step 2 – Resize the chart

  • Go to Format > Size
  • Change the height and/or width of the chart using the arrow buttons or by typing the numbers

Step 3 – Check the result

  • The size of the chart changes according to the dimensions given