How to repeat a formula in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

One of the great things about Excel is the ability to create formulas that use cell references instead of actual values. A cell reference is the address of the cell and is made up of the column letter and the row number. As the row numbers and column letters are unique in Excel, each cell address is also unique. Using cell references in formulas introduces a lot of flexibility in calculations. Values in the source columns can be changed and the calculated columns will automatically be updated. Formulas created in one cell can be easily copied to other cells. Excel has several handy features for simplifying worksheet operations such as repeating or copying formulas to other cells in a column or row. This example shows how to repeat a formula in a column and it can be easily done for rows as well.

Option 1 – Use the Fill handle

Step 1 – Select the source

  • Select the source cell that contains the formula

Step 2 – Repeat the formula

  • Position the pointer over the lower right corner of the cell and it will change to a plus sign (+) which is called a fill handle
  • Holding the fill handle, drag the box down the column, across the range that is to be filled
  • Release the fill handle at the end of the column

Option 2 – Use the menu option

Step 1 – Select the cells

  • Select the source cell along with the other cells to be filled

Step 2 – Fill the cells

  • Go to Home > Fill 
  • Select Down


  • Press Ctrl+D

Step 3 – Check the result

  • The formula will be repeated in the rest of the cells in the column