How to remove watermark in Excel

Watermarks are added to the Excel sheets or any other documents for many reasons. A few of them could be sharing the draft copies, sharing an invoice with the company’s logo or sharing a copy for final review. However, sometimes we have a requirement to remove the watermark from the file. 

Watermarks can be added in three ways in an Excel worksheet. Each method has its own way of removing the watermark. In today’s tutorial we’ll learn how to remove the watermark from an excel sheet by following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Remove watermark by deleting the background picture

– First of all we have to know which type of watermark we are dealing with. If the watermark repeats many times on Normal & Page Layout Views then the watermark is added as a picture.

– To remove this type of watermark, go to the Page Layout tab on the list of main tabs and If the watermark is added as a picture then you will see Delete Background in the Page setup group, otherwise it will be just Background.

– Just click on the Delete Background option and the watermark will be removed.

Step 2 – Remove watermark by using header & footer option

– If the watermark is not visible on Normal View but becomes visible in Page Layout View then the watermark was added through header & footer options. So we’ll have to delete it from the header & footer options.

– To do this change the view to the Page Layout. This can be done by using the view options at the bottom right corner of Excel sheet or by going to the View tab on the main tabs list and then selecting the Page Layout view.

– When you select the Page Layout view, a white blank space will automatically become visible to you. This is the header area, click in the empty cells and you will see “&[Picture]” text in the header section. 

– To delete the watermark, just select the whole text and delete it. The watermark will be removed.

Step 3 – Remove watermark by deleting the word art

– The trickiest method to remove the watermark is when the watermark is added as a word art.

– For this you will have to go to the Editing group on the Home tab and click on find & select.

– Now from the drop down menu select Go To Special. A new dialog box will appear.

– Select the radio button next to “Objects” and click OK. This will select the watermark added as a word art object. Press the delete button from the keyboard to delete it. The watermark will be removed.