How to remove pivot table field name not valid in Excel

Suppose we have the dataset as shown above.

In previous versions of excel, while trying to create a pivot table an error arose indicating to the user that the pivot table field name is not valid. Let us identify the cause and learn how to rectify.

Step 1 – Create pivot table from data

– Pivot table is a very important tool for inspecting and analyzing data and report generation.
– To create a pivot table, click any cell within the data range or table and go to the Insert tab. In the tables group click the PivotTable button.
– A dialog appears asking the user to confirm the range and whether the pivot table is to be placed in a new sheet or an existing sheet.
– Click ok after choosing the appropriate options.

Step 2 – Understanding the error

– As soon as excel attempts to create a pivot table an error occurs.
– The error dialog states that the field name is invalid.
– The reason behind this error is that the product column has no column name.

Step 3 – Error Handling

– The solution to this problem is to write the name of the column containing fruits.
– Let’s call this column Product.
– And now following the procedure in Step 1 we can now successfully create a pivot table.
– Add Product to rows and Cost to values and you have a Sum of Cost pivot table.