How to remove numbers from a cell in excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

You have a cell with text and numbers, but want to remove all numbers from the cell.

There’s a way to do this with a nested SUBSTITUTE function:

Step 1 – Understanding the Syntax

– Select the cell that you would like to see the result in.
– Type =SUBSTITUTE( and select the cell you need to calculate
– Type , and type the character you want to substitute, in this case, we will use a 0.
– Type , and type what you would like to substitute the character with.
– In this case, we want it to substitute with nothing, so we type in “”.
– Close the formula bracket.

Step 2 – Nesting the formula

– Edit your formula by adding SUBSTITUTE( in front of the first SUBSTITUTE.
– Behind the closed bracket ), Type ,1,””).
– Your formula should look like this: =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A2,0,””),1,””)
– Repeat these steps up to 9 so your formula looks like this:

This is the easiest way to remove numbers in Excel without using VBA.