How to remove a symbol from a cell in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to manipulate data in various ways. One common task you may need to perform is removing a symbol from a cell. For example, you may have a cell that contains a combination of symbols and numbers, and you want to remove the symbol to extract only the numbers.

Here we have a dataset that contains Stationary Items and Prices. In this tutorial, we will learn how to remove the symbol ($) from the Price column using two different methods by following the steps below but let’s have a look at the dataset shown above.

Method – 1 Find & Select Method

Step – 1 Open Find & Select menu.

  • Select the dataset and open the dropdown menu of Find & Select in the Editing group.
  • In the menu click on Replace.

Step – 2 Replace the symbol.

  • After you click on Replace, the Find and Replace menu will appear.
  • Open the Replace tab and type the symbol ($) you want to replace in Find what blank space.
  • Then Click on Replace All.

Method – 2 SUBSTITUTE Method

Step – 1 Type SUBSTITUTE Formula.

  • Select the cell where you want to type the SUBSTITUTE formula.
  • Syntax of the formula is

SUBSTITUTE(Cell_address,”Original_Value”,”Value_to_be_replaced_with_original_value ”)

  • In our case formula will be


Step – 2 Find values for the rest of the cells.

  • Select the cell with the formula.
  • Drag that cell from the bottom right to the rest of the cells
  • Their values will appear automatically.