How to recover an Excel file that was not recovered

You can watch a video tutorial here.

One of the basic rules of working with files on a computer is to always save your work. Everyone must have faced a situation where having done a lot of edits, the application suddenly closes and all the work is lost. Excel has the option to recover files when the application or computer crashes.  When Excel closes suddenly and you open it again, Excel opens a Document Recovery pane that shows the most recent versions of the files that were open when the application closed.  This includes the versions saved as part of Excel’s recovery option. You can retrieve the file from this list or you can use the menu option.

Option 1 – Save from the Recovery pane

Step 1 – Expand the dropdown

  • Select the file to be recovered
  • Expand the dropdown adjoining the file name
  • Click on Save As

Step 2 – Save the file

  • Select the folder
  • Save the file

Option 2 – Use the File option

Step 1 – Open the Info box

  • Go to File > Info

Step 2 – Choose the recover option

  • Expand the Manage Workbooks  dropdown
  • Click Recover Unsaved Workbooks

Step 3 – Find the file

  • Select the unsaved file
  • Click Open

Step 4 – View the file

  • Check that the file is the correct one
  • Click Save As

Step 5 – Save the file

  • Choose the folder
  • Click Save