How to press enter (add line break) in an Excel Cell

In this tutorial we will see how to press enter to jump to a new line or insert a line break while typing in a cell. Suppose we have a data set that has the email addresses of people just like shown above. We want to insert a line break after each comma in the cell. To achieve this follow these steps.

Microsoft Excel is not a very friendly software when it comes to typing multiple lines of data in the same cell. Excel does not offer the feature to go to a new line in a straightforward way by just pressing the Enter key like Microsoft Word. However, sometimes we need to insert a line break in the data that includes multiple parts of a string and we want to show the data in multiple lines separately e.g; the home address of someone or email addresses of different people. 

Step 1 – Select the cell and enter editing mode

– Select the cell where you want to insert a line break then either double click or press “F2” to enter in editing mode.
– When the editing mode will be activated, you will see the cursor blinking in that cell as shown above.

Step 2 – Select the location to insert line break

– Now that we have entered the editing mode in the cell. Go to the location where you want to enter the line break i.e. right after the comma.

Step 3 – Insert the Line Break:

– Now that we are at the location where we wanted to enter the line break, we have to press a combination of two keys i.e. ALT+ENTER and that will insert the line break at the desired location in the cell as shown above.

Now you can see that the email addresses which were all in one line are now available in three different lines. You can see in the formula bar as well at the end of the animation shown above.