How to paste in Excel with Hidden rows

Here we have a dataset related to Cars. In this dataset row 5 and 7 are hidden and we will copy the dataset and paste it with the hidden rows by following the steps below, let’s have a look at the dataset first above.

When working with large datasets in Excel, you may need to hide certain rows or columns to make it easier to navigate and analyze the data. However, when you want to paste new data into your worksheet, Excel will only paste into the visible cells, ignoring any hidden rows or columns. This can be frustrating, especially if you have a lot of hidden data and don’t want to unhide it all just to paste a small amount of new data.

Step 1 – Copy the Dataset.

– Copy the dataset including the hidden rows.
– Select the cell where you want to paste data.
– Press Ctrl + G.
– Click on Special.

Step 2 – Paste the Dataset.

– After clicking on Special a menu will open.
– Check the check box of Visible cells only, this will copy all the data with the hidden rows.
– After that paste the Dataset in the selected cell.