How to paste comma-separated values in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Excel has an import wizard that allows you to import data from many different file types such as .csv and .txt. You may encounter comma-separated data from a type of file not supported by Excel or you could be copying it off a website. In such cases, you need to adjust the data so that the comma delimiter is recognized by Excel and the fields and rows are separated. 

Step 1 – Copy the values

– Select the comma-separated values and press Ctrl+C

Step 2 – Paste the values

– Select the destination cell in the Excel worksheet
– Press Ctrl+V

Step 3 – Open the Convert Text to Columns Wizard

– Go to Data > Data Tools
– Click the Text to Columns button

Step 4 – Step 1 in the Wizard

– Check the file preview
– Choose ‘Delimited’ as the data type
– Click Next

Step 5 – Step 2 in the Wizard

– Select ‘Comma’ as the Delimiter
– Ensure that the Text qualifier is double quotes (‘’)
– Click Next

Step 6 – Step 3 of the Wizard

– Choose ‘General’ as the Column data format for all columns
– Click Finish

Step 7 – Check the result

– The data is arranged in columns and rows