How to merge cells without losing data in excel

Sometimes there is a need to merge data from a number of contiguous cells in a column into one. To merge the data if we use the normal excel command merge and center we only get the data which is in the top left cell as the final output and the rest of the data is discarded. However, if we wish to avoid it and keep all the data after merging the cells then we need to use a work around. So, let’s see how we can do this in excel.

Step 1 – Identify data in contiguous cells

– Identify all text data which is required to be merged. Place that in contiguous cells in a column. The data has to be text otherwise this work around will not work on the data.

Step 2 – Adjust column width

– To implement the work around we must adjust the column width so that the width is equivalent to or greater than the combined text width.

Step 3 – Select the cells with data

– Then we select the cells that we need to merge.

Step 4 – Locate the work around option

– Next we go to the editing group on the Home tab, click the drop-down menu adjacent to fill. Now locate the Justify option.

Step 5 – Implement the solution

– Click justify and now we have our cells merged and no data is lost.