How to make a schedule in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

The spreadsheet format of Excel lends itself to creating different types of lists and trackers. One tracker that is used both professionally and personally is a schedule. Microsoft Office provides templates that you can use or you can custom-build your schedule. 

Option 1 – Create your schedule

Step 1 – Create the columns

  • Define the columns to be the days of the week
  • Type the first 2 days and drag the fill handle to populate the remaining days

Step 2 – Create the rows

  • Define the rows to be the time slots
  • Type the first 2 values and then drag the fill handle to populate the rest of the time slots

Step 3 – Evenly space the columns

  • Select the columns
  • Right-click and select Column Width from the context menu
  • Enter 15 for the column width 

Step 4 – Enlarge the rows

  • Select the rows
  • Right-click and select Row Height from the context menu
  • Enter 25 for the row height

Step 5 – Fill in the schedule

  • Fill in the items for the schedule in the appropriate time slots
  • Where an item spans more than one time slot, merge the cells by selecting the cells and using the merge and alignment options from Home > Alignment
  • Color code the cells using the Fill Color option from Home > Font

Option 2 – Use a template

Step 1 – Find the template

Step 2 – Choose a template

  • Select the ‘My class schedule’ template

Note: Certain templates are available only for Microsoft 365 subscribers

Step 3 – Download the template

  • Click Download
  • After the file has been downloaded, click on the up arrow to expand the menu
  • Click Open

Step 4 – Enable the file for editing

  • Click the Enable Editing button to use the sheet

Step 5 – Use the schedule

  • Follow the instructions to use the schedule