How to make a family tree in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Excel is a versatile application and can be used for many types of documents, not just for its spreadsheet capabilities. To create a family tree in Excel, you can explore using a template from Microsoft Office or you can create your own using the SmartArt suite of tools.

Option 1 – Use a template

Step 1 – Open the new file options

  • Open the File menu
  • Click on More templates

Step 2 – Search for the template

  • In the search box, type ‘family tree’
  • Press Enter

Step 3 – Select the template

  • Click on the ‘Family tree generator’ template

Step 4 – Create a new file

  • Click Create Family Tree

Step 5 – Enter the values

  • Follow the instructions to enter the data for the family tree

Step 6 – Check the result

  • The family tree is created

Option 2 – Use SmartArt

Step 1 – Open the Choose a SmartArt graphic dialog box

  • Go to Insert > Illustrations
  • Click the SmartArt button

Step 2 – Select a hierarchy

  • Go to Hierarchy
  • Pick any one of the options displayed
  • Click OK

Step 3 – Open the text pane

  • In the chart that is inserted into the worksheet, click on the arrow on the left border
  • This opens the text pane

Step 4 – Enter the names

  • In the text pane, add the names of people, starting with the first generation
  • Press TAB  to indent to the next level of the hierarchy
  • Press ENTER to enter names in the same level of the hierarchy
  • To bring a name to the previous level (unindent) press SHIFT+TAB

Step 5 – Check and format the result

  • Format the family tree using one of the preset designs under SmartArt Design  or customize the chart using the Format options