How to get the SUM of a column in Excel

Excel offers incredible features to ease mathematical calculations by using built-in formulas. One of those features is SUM, which enables us to calculate the sum of many numbers and simplify the calculation process with just one click. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to get the SUM of a column of numbers.

Following are the two ways to sum up the numbers easily.

  • SUM numbers by clicking the auto-sum button
  • SUM numbers by typing in the formula in the formula bar or using shortcut key

Method 1- SUM by clicking the sum button

Let’s start with the first method, it allows us to sum the numbers by an automatic method. Excel automatically selects the first cell, the last cell, and applies the formula. 

To do this by yourself, please follow the steps described below;

Step 1 – Select the cell below the column to add and click auto-sum

  • Select any cell below the columns of numbers you wish to add.
  • On the Home tab go to the Editing group and click the Auto-Sum icon.
  • Excel will automatically choose the range of cells above the selected cell, containing numbers and write the formula of Sum. 
  • Now press Enter key to get the sum of the whole column.
  • However, make sure that there is no text or alphanumeric data in between the column of numbers otherwise the sum will be calculated incorrectly as shown below.

Method 2- SUM by typing the formula or using shortcut key     ALT + =

To sum the column of numbers by writing the formula in Excel, the steps are pretty much easier and most commonly used. However, to achieve this goal please follow the steps below;

Step 1 – Write the formula of sum or use ALT + =

  • Select any cell below the columns of numbers you wish to add.
  • Type the formula =SUM(First cell of the column : Last cell of the column)
  • The same thing can be achieved by using the shortcut key i.e. ALT + =