How to get a 4th Degree Polynomial in Excel

We have a data set with x and y values along with the associated chart as shown and we need to identify its 4th degree polynomial.

Excel provides a very efficient regression tool for curve fitting within the chart elements of a data chart. Let’s find out how to get a 4th degree polynomial for a given data set.

Step 1 – Add the Trendline

– To identify the governing equation for the given data click the chart.

– Click the plus sign to access Chart Elements.

– Hover on the trendline to reveal the right arrow.

– Click the arrow and select More Options.

– The Format Trendline menu will appear.

Step 2 – Find the required polynomial equation

– Under Trendline Options click the Polynomial option and type 4 in the Order textbox.

– Scroll down and select Display Equation on chart to display the equation.

– The 4th degree polynomial can be seen on the chart.