How to freeze one row in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers a very interesting way to freeze rows. We can perform the below mentioned way to freeze the a row in excel:

We’ll learn about this methodology step by step.

To do this yourself, please follow the steps described below;

Step 1 – Workbook with some data 

– Open the desired Excel workbook in which you want to freeze the rows. 
– Now go to the row which is just below the row which you want to freeze. In our case let us go to the third row, and make any cell in this row active, by clicking on any cell in this row.

Step 2 – Going to the row below the selected row

– Now press SHIFT + SPACEBAR in order to select this entire row. In our case, the entire third row should get selected.

Step 3 – Selecting the entire row 

– Now click on the “View” option on the menu bar, and then click on the “Freeze Panes” option. A drop-down menu would appear, as shown in the image below.

Step 4 – Navigating through View option in the menu bar

– Now select the “Freeze Panes” option.

Step 5 – Selecting the Freeze Panes option

– Now if we try to scroll towards the bottom of the page, we will notice that Row-2 and all the rows above Row-2, i.e. Row-1 as well has been frozen. In the image below we can see that after scrolling down the page, Row-1 and 2 are still stationary, but the rest of the rows are being scrolled (We can see in the image below that row-12 is coming just next to Row-2).

Step 6 – First 2 rows have been frozen

– Additionally, if we want to skip going to the view option, clicking on Freeze panes, and then selecting the freeze panes option, we can use the excel shortcut after selecting the entire row, which is ALT + W + F + F. This will cater to the exact same subject, as we did above.