How to fix if scroll doesn’t work in Excel

One of the many issues that users might face while using excel is a jammed scroll function. There can be a number of reasons for that.

  • Jammed Shift key
  • Zoom on roll with Intellimouse
  • Frozen Panes
  • Invisible scroll bars 

Let’s find the solution for each one of them.

Jammed Shift key

If the Shift key is pressed on the keyboard, the scroll function is prohibited. Do the following steps

Step 1 – Check the keyboard

  • Check the keyboard for any reasons for jamming such as something stuck in.
  • Clean the keyboard if possible or get it cleaned from a professional service.

Zoom on roll with Intellimouse

If Zoom on roll with intellimouse option is turned ON then you won’t be able to scroll with mouse roll and the zoom level will keep on changing with mouse roll instead. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Go to options to change settings

  • Go to the File menu and click Options.
  • On the left side pane click  Advanced.
  • Under Editing options find the checkbox labeled ‘Zoom on roll with Intellimouse’. If it is selected, unselect it.

Frozen panes

If we have frozen some rows due to the requirement of data presentation then scroll won’t work and the rows won’t go up. To resolve this issue follow the below step.

Step 1 – Go to View tab and unfreeze panes 

  • Go to the View tab and in the Window group click Unfreeze Panes.

Invisible scroll bars 

If you are accustomed to using vertical scroll bars and you can’t find them to scroll and your mouse doesn’t have the scroll button then you really can’t scroll down the document. To resolve this issue follow the step mentioned below;

Step 1 – Go to options and change display options

  • Go to the File menu. Click Options.
  • Click Advanced in the pane on the left. From the ‘Display options for this workbook’ section select Show vertical scroll bars.