How to fix Excel Gridlines not showing issue

In this tutorial we’ll learn the process to fix the gridlines not visible or not shown in Excel by following these simple steps.

Gridlines are the vertical and horizontal lines in gray color which differentiate cells from one another in a spreadsheet. These gridlines are applied to all the cells of all worksheets in a spreadsheet unlike borders which can be applied to any specific region of the spreadsheet. Sometimes the gridlines are not visible due to some issues which are explained above.

Step 1 – Show gridlines from active worksheet using View Tab

– If the gridlines are not visible in the spreadsheet then it is quite possible that the gridlines option is turned off by someone.
– The simplest of all methods to make them appear or visible is to go to View Tab on the Main Menu and then in the Show group check the gridlines option.
– This will make the gridlines appear again in the active worksheet as shown above.

Step 2 – Show gridlines in active worksheet using Fill Color

– The second possible reason for the disappearance of gridlines is that someone might have filled all the cells of the sheet with white color. In that case all grid lines will disappear from the sheet.
– To rectify this issue, select all the cells of the active worksheet by pressing CTRL+A.
– Then go to the Font group in the Home tab. Click on the Fill color icon and choose No Fill as fill color. 
– This will show all the gridlines in the active worksheet.

Step 3 – Show gridlines in all worksheet using step 1 or 2

– To show gridlines from all worksheets at once, we’ll need to group the available worksheets by simply holding down the CTRL key and using Left Click of mouse to select the sheets.
– This will group the worksheets and now each process done on any of these worksheets will be repeated on the others automatically.
– Now we can use any of the methods (which best suits our condition) used above in step 1 or step 2 to show the gridlines in all sheets. We’ll use step 1 in this tutorial.