How to fix Excel cannot paste data Error

Possible causes of the error

  • Data size or formatting issues: If the data being copied is too large or contains formatting that is not compatible with the destination cells, Excel may not be able to handle the data size, resulting in an inability to paste.
  • Clipboard issues: The Windows clipboard can sometimes malfunction or be locked by another program, preventing Excel from being able to paste data.
  • Insufficient memory: Insufficient memory or system resources can prevent Excel from pasting data.
  • Excel software issues: Occasionally, there may be issues with the Excel software itself that can prevent data from being pasted.

Copying data from protected sheets: If the sheet or cells being copied are protected, then the user may not be able to paste data into a different sheet.

Solutions to fix the error

Here are some Steps to solve the Excel Pasting error.

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software that is used by millions of people around the world for a variety of tasks, including organizing and storing data, performing calculations and analysis, creating charts and graphs, and more. However, sometimes users may encounter an error where Excel cannot paste data. Here we will discuss the possible causes of this error and the solutions to resolve it.

Step 1 – Check the data size or formatting

– If the data being pasted is too large, try selecting a smaller range of cells to paste the data into.
– Make sure that the formatting of the data being pasted is compatible with the destination cells.
– Unchecking “ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)” also solves some of the pasting errors caused by formatting. This option can be located in File > Options > Advanced > General

Step 2 – Check the clipboard

– If the Windows clipboard is locked or malfunctioning, try restarting Excel or the computer to clear the clipboard and try pasting the data again.

Step 3 – Unprotect the sheet or range

– If you are trying to paste data into a protected sheet or range, unprotect the sheet or range first, and then try pasting the data again.

Step 4 – Try Using Transpose

– Try using a different paste Step, such as “Transpose,” which may be able to bypass the error.
– To use it first select the data then click in the cell on the sheet where data is to be pasted.
– Click on paste in Clipboard and choose transpose.

Step 5 – Try Using Paste Special

– Sometimes, when you try to paste data in Excel, you may encounter an error where Excel cannot paste the data using the regular paste command. In such situations, one possible solution is to use the Paste Special command in Excel. 
– In the Paste Special dialog box, you can choose the specific format in which you want to paste the data, an example is shown in above gif.