How to find named ranges in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

In Excel, names can be given to a cell or a range of cells. This makes it very easy to use the range in formulas where you can use the name instead of a cell reference. When you have created names for multiple ranges in a worksheet, you may need to find them on a worksheet. There are 2 ways in which you can find named ranges.

Option 1 – Use the Name Manager 

 Step 1 – Open the Name Manager

  • Go to Formulas > Defined Names 
  • Click on the Name Manager option

Step 2 – Select the range

  • Select ‘High’
  • Click in the box for Refers to:
  • The range is selected on the sheet

Option 2 – Use the Go To option

Step 1 – Open the Go To box

  • Go to Home > Editing
  • Expand the Find & Select dropdown
  • Click on Go To


  • Press Ctrl+G

Step 2 – Find the named range

  • From the list of named ranges select ‘Low’
  • Click OK

Step 3 – Check the result

  • The range named ‘Low’ is selected