How to expand all columns in excel

Excel provides a vast variety of formulas, functions and tools to perform simple to complex mathematical calculations. In some cases, when we have large data in different columns, Excel uses the default width of 8.43 only for the columns. Therefore, sometimes it only shows one or two words in the cell which is quite annoying and decreases readability and visibility of data. In this case we need to expand the columns according to the data so that we can read the data easily.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to expand all the columns according to their data size for better visibility and readability.  It has two methods.

Method 1 – Select all and expand

In this way you can expand all columns manually.

Step 1 – Select all the columns and use column separator to expand

  • Select all the columns for which you wish to adjust the column width or wish to expand according to data size.
  • Double click on the right boundary or separator of the last column.
  • As soon as you double click, It will expand all the columns according to the data size stored in the cells.

In the above given example we have seen that all the columns have been expanded according to the data size. We do not have to work on each column separately.

Method 2 – using formatting conditions

In this method you can expand all columns according to their width, using excel’s built-in function.

Step 1 – Use format tool

Above is an animation as an example.
  • Select all the columns.
  • Go to Home tab
  • In the Cells group click on format.
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • Click on Auto fit column width.

Hence , using this technique all columns are easily expanded and width is adjusted according to data size.

Extra tip: If you want to expand only one column click on the right boundary or column separator of a specific column and drag it till your need is fulfilled.