How to enable macros in Excel

Microsoft Excel macros give the power to run a pre recorded set of actions to automate many repetitive tasks. However, that can only be possible if the feature of using macros in worksheet is enabled beforehand otherwise, you won’t be able to use it. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to enable macros in Excel in two easy ways by following these simple steps. 

Method 1 Enable macros for current workbook only

Step 1 – Enable macros by using Enable Content option

  • If the macros are not enabled and you open up a spreadsheet having macros then you will see a security warning message at the top of the spreadsheet.
  • If you trust the macros in that spreadsheet then you can press the  Enable Content button and that will enable macros only for this sheet. If you open another sheet with macros in it, you will see the warning again.

Method 2 Enable macros for all workbooks from Excel Options

Step 1 – Go to options in File Menu

  • Go to Options by clicking on File Menu.

Step 2 – Go to Trust Center in Excel Options

  • This will open up the Excel Options dialog box. Go to the Trust Center. 

Step 3 – Go to Trust Center Settings 

  • Now go to Trust Center Settings

Step 4 – Go to Macro Settings in Trust Center Settings 

  • In Trust Center Settings, go to Macro Settings.

Step 5 – Enable Macros in Macro Settings 

  • In Macro Settings, tick the radio button against “Enable VBA macros” and press OK button to enable macros for all Excel workbooks.