How to drag the same number down in Excel 

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software used for organizing, analyzing, and manipulating data with features such as formulas, charts, and formatting. Dragging the same number down in Excel allows for quick replication of data across multiple rows, saving time and effort. It automatically adjusts cell references, ensuring consistency in calculations and maintaining the desired pattern. 

To do this it has several methods but we will discuss the 3 most important methods along with their steps to do. 

Method 1 – Click and drag 

 In this method, we can drag the same number down with the help of a fill handle. The steps are given below; 

Step 1 – Select the cell and drag 

  • Enter the number or value in the starting cell where you want the series to begin. 
  • Place the cursor on the bottom-right corner of the cell until it turns into a small plus sign or a crosshair. 
  • Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor downward to the desired number of rows. 
  • Release the mouse button to populate the selected cells with the same number. As shown below; 

Method 2 – Paste in the selected area 

This method allows us to fill the same number across different rows below by selecting the area and pasting a specific number in it. The steps are as given 

Step 1 – Copy the numeric value 

  • Copy any numeric value that you wish to drag down to different rows, by pressing the keyboard shortcut key CTRL + C. 
  • Or right-click on any cell a side menu will appear click on COPY. as shown below; 

Step 2 – Select the area and paste  

  • Select a certain range of empty cells. 
  • Drag with the help of a fill handle. 
  • Paste the copied number by using the keyboard short key CTRL + V 
  • You can right-click on the selected range as well. Then a side menu will appear. 
  • Click on the paste button. 
  • All the range will be pasted as copied numeric values. As shown below; 

Method 3 – Fix the number and drag it down 

This method allows us to fix the number by pressing the F4 key, we can drag it down, and as we change the original number the entire range in the column will be changed. The steps are given below; 

Step 1 – Type the numeric value and make it absolute 

  • Type and number that you wish to copy to different rows below; 
  • Move to the cell below the numeric value. 
  • Press equal sign = and give the reference of the above cell in this case we have =G1
  • Press the function four key the F4. 
  • It will add a dollar sign in it i.e =$G$1
  • It changes the simple value to an absolute value. 
  • Drag it down as per your requirement. 
  • Changing the first value will change the entire range. As shown below;