How to do a search in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Very often you will need to search for a particular piece of data when working with Excel. If the document is very large, it will be difficult to locate the data manually. When you need to find a particular word or sequence of characters, you can use the search option.  Excel lets you define some parameters to refine your search:

1. Within: the scope of the search
>a. Sheet: searches only in the current sheet
>b. Workbook: searches in all sheets of the current workbook
2. Search: the order of the search
>a. By Rows: searches horizontally
>b. By Columns: searches vertically
3. Look in: the elements to search
>a. Formulas: searches for the value in the formulas
>b. Values: searches only in the cell value
>c. Notes: searches notes inserted in the sheet
>d. Comment: searches comments attached to the sheet
4. Match case: looks for an identical match to the case 
5. Match entire cell contents: searches for cells that contain only the search value and nothing else. Cells that contain the search value with other text will not be returned as part of the result.

Step 1 – Open the Find and Replace window

– Go to Home > Editing > Find and Select > Find
Press Ctrl+F

Step 2 – Type in the value

– Select the Find tab
– Type in the value that you are looking for
– Click on Options

Step 3 – Set the parameters

– Let the default parameters remain
– Click Find All

Step 4 – Browse the search results

– Go through the list of search results 
– Select the instance of the search value that you are interested in and it will be shown in the worksheet
– Use Find Next to run through the search results one-by-one

Note: To do a quick search with the default settings, press Ctrl+F and use Find Next