How to delete hidden rows in Excel

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to delete the hidden rows in Excel because when you have a very large datasheet then finding the hidden rows one by one and deleting them manually can make your life very difficult. So, let’s work smart in this case and use this trick to make it simple and quick by following the steps mentioned below.

Excel provides a way to hide rows and columns for the ease of users and data presentation. This feature can be used for several reasons like,

To declutter a worksheet: If you have a large spreadsheet with a lot of data, hiding rows can help you focus on the most important information.

To create a summary: If you have detailed data that you want to summarize, you can hide the rows with the detailed data and create a summary of the data in the visible rows.

To create a report: You can use hidden rows to create a report that includes only the information you want to share with others.

To protect data: If you want to protect certain rows from being edited or deleted, you can hide those rows.

Step 1 – Open the file menu

– Click on the file tab to open up the file menu.

Step 2 – Locate the Info option

– In the newly opened menu, locate the Info option and click on it.
– Then locate the Inspect Workbook option and click on “Check for Issues”.

Step 3 – Choose Inspect Document option

– This will open up a small dropdown menu, select Inspect Document.
– At this point Excel will show you a warning and will ask you to save the document before making any changes through Document Inspector, because, any changes made from this option will not be revertible.
– Now click on Inspect. This will search the hidden rows and columns within the workbook along with other information as shown above.

Step 4 – Delete the Hidden Rows now

– In the previous step, we found all the hidden rows and columns (if any) were there in the current spreadsheet. The document inspector showed that we have 16 hidden rows in our spreadsheet. 
– Click on Remove All and this will remove all hidden rows in the spreadsheet as shown above.