How to delete filtered rows in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

In Excel, filters are a popular way of creating a subset of the data to analyze it or to perform data cleaning operations.  As part of data cleaning operations, you may need to filter and remove some rows that are not relevant to the task that is being performed. 

Step 1 – Filter the data

– Go to Data > Sort & Filter and click the Filter button
– Got to the column for which data is to be removed
– From the in-column filter, select the value to be removed

Step 2 – Select the data

– Select the filtered data and right-click for the context menu
– Choose Delete Row from the context menu
– Go to Home > Cells > Delete > Delete Sheet Rows

Step 3 – Proceed with the deletion

– If an error message appears (based on the deletion method chosen in the previous step), click OK

Step 4 – Remove the filter

– Choose Select All  in the in-column filter drop-down
– Click the Filter button on the ribbon under Data > Sort & Filter to remove the in-column filters

Step 5 – View the result

– The filtered rows have been removed