How to delete a pivot table in Excel

Sometimes a pivot table may become inactive or you may want to delete it for creating one from a different dataset. In excel this can be achieved in two ways.

  • Method 1: Using keyboard selection
  • Method 2: Using Select menu

Suppose we have a pivot table in our excel worksheet.

Method 1: Using keyboard selection

In this method we are going to use the keyboard shortcut to select and delete the pivot table.

Step 1 – Using keyboard to select pivot table

  • Click anywhere inside the pivot table.
  • Press the key combination ‘Ctrl + A’.
  • Press the delete button on the keyboard.
  • The pivot table will be deleted.

Method 2: Using Select menu

Step 1 – Click Entire PivotTable in Select menu

  • Click anywhere in the pivot table.
  • Go to PivotTable Analyze tab and find the Select drop down menu in the Actions group.
  • On the menu click Entire PivotTable
  • Press delete button to delete the pivot table.