How to create a task tracker in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

The spreadsheet format of Excel lends itself to creating different types of lists. One list that is used both professionally and personally is a list of tasks. Microsoft Office provides templates that you can use or you can create your customized tracker. Using the task tracker you can define a list of tasks and then track them to completion. 

Option 1 – Create your tracker

Step 1 – Define the columns

  • Define the columns by giving the column headers:
    • No.
    • Task description
    • Priority
    • Due date
    • Status

Step 2 – List the tasks

  • List out the tasks to be done
  • Assign a priority for each task
  • Fix the due date for each task

Step 3 – Open the Data Validation box

  • Select the cells in the ‘Status’ column
  • Go to Data > Data Tools
  • Expand the Data Validation menu
  • Select Data Validation

Step 4 – Create the list

  • Select the Settings tab
  • Under Allow: select ‘List’
  • Enter the values for Source: Not Started,In Progress,Completed
  • Click OK

Step 5 – Select the values for the ‘Status’ column

  • For each task, select a value from the dropdown for the ‘Status’ column

Option 2 – Use a template

Step 1 – Find the template

Step 2 – Choose a template

  • Select the ‘Track My Tasks’ template

Step 3 – Download the template

  • Click Download
  • After the file has been downloaded, click on the up arrow to expand the menu
  • Click Open

Step 4 – Enable the file for editing

  • Click the Enable Editing button to use the sheet

Step 5 – Use the tracker

  • Follow the instructions to use the tracker