How to count checkboxes in Excel 

In our dataset, we have a list of employee names for a store, and their attendance is marked using checkboxes. Now, our goal is to determine the total number of employees present. To achieve this, we will count the checkboxes that have been ticked, and this count will give us the desired result. The following steps will guide you to count the ticked checkboxes.

To count checkboxes in Excel means to determine the total number of checkboxes that are checked or selected within a given range of cells. Overall, counting checkboxes in Excel provides valuable insights and facilitates data analysis, validation, reporting, and decision-making tasks.  

Step 1 – Open the context menu

– Right-click on the checkbox and a context menu will appear

Step 2 – Click on the Format control option

– Click on the Format control option in the context menu and a dialog box will appear

Step 3 – Enter the Cell Address

– Type the cell address in the Box next to the Cell Link option, where you want to show TRUE or FALSE

Step 4 – Click on Ok 

– After typing the cell address, click on Ok and you will get the status in the selected cell address
– Apply the above steps for all the checkboxes

Step 5 – Select the Cell

-Click on the Cell where you want to show the result

Step 6 – Type the Formula

– After selecting the cell, type the Formula:

Step 7 – Press the Enter key

– Afterward, press the Enter key to get the required result