How to convert rows into columns in Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet with numerous rows and columns, used for organizing data. In most of the cases, we face a condition in which rows need to be converted into columns. In this scenario Excel facilitates us with its built-in tools and functions.

To do the needful, let’s start with following steps;

Step 1 – Select the rows and columns

– Select the rows and columns from the data range.

– Copy the selected data range by pressing hotkey  CTRL + C or right click on the selected area, click copy.

Above is an example.

Step 2 – Select another cell to convert

– Select a separate cell in which you wish to convert rows in columns

– In this case, our selected cell is H8.

– Click on the Paste  option .

– A drop down menu will appear.

– Click on TRANSPOSE.

– As you press the enter key. Rows will be converted into columns.

Above is an animation as an example.