How to convert mbps to kbps

Mbps stands for megabytes per second and Kbps stands for kilobytes per second. As we know, a megabyte is a bigger unit and a kilobyte is a smaller unit. One thing to remember is its conversion factor, which is 1024. 1 mbps = 1024 kbps. We will multiply the mbps value with 1024 to convert it to kbps value.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program designed for daily tasks such as setting up a remittance, conversions, maintaining a contact list, or keeping track of lists to be done. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to convert different data transfer speed units of a network

Step 1 – Select the cell in the data range

– Select the cell from column Mbps, which we want to convert to kbps.
– In this case, we select cell A2 to convert into kbps. Example is given in the picture above;

Step 2 – Apply Conversion

Above is an example picture after applying the formula;

– Select the cell where you want to convert mbps to kbps, in this case A2 is the cell.
– The formula in this case would be =A2 * 1024.
– As you press the enter key, result will be displayed in cell
– In this case the result is shown in cell B2.

In the formula bar, the red highlighted is the formula for this case and the result of one cell is displayed.

Step 3 – Extend the conversion formula to all data

Above is the picture of result as an example.

– From cell B2, drag with the help of the handle till the last cell of data range.
– All the data range will be converted from Mbps to Kbps.

Resultantly, all the data of column A Mbps was successfully converted in column B to Kbps.