How to Combine Multiple Sheets into one in Microsoft Excel

In this tutorial we will learn how to combine Multiple Sheets into one in Microsoft Excel. The Consolidate function in Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for combining data from multiple sheets into a single sheet. This function allows you to specify ranges of cells from different sheets, and then summarizes the data by consolidating it into a single range in a destination sheet. There are several consolidation methods available, including sum, average, count, and others. You can choose the method that best fits your needs based on the type of data you are consolidating.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software application developed by Microsoft Corporation.Excel offers a wide range of features including functions and formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and data validation, which make it a powerful tool for data analysis and management. It also offers collaboration features, such as shared workbooks and real-time co-authoring, that allow multiple users to work on a spreadsheet simultaneously.

Step 1 – Arrange the Data in Each Sheet Properly

– To ensure the proper functioning of the Consolidate feature in Microsoft Excel, the following conditions must be met:
– Each range of data that is to be consolidated should reside on a separate worksheet, and no data should be present on the sheet designated for the consolidated data output.
– All sheets should have the same layout and contain similar data in each column, with headers present.
– There should be no empty rows or columns within any list.

Step 2 – Go to the Data tab in Another Sheet

– Go to the Data tab in the menu bar in another sheet.

Step 3 – Click on the Consolidate button

– Click on the Consolidate button in the Data Tools section in the Data Tab.

Step 4 – Enter the Data Reference and Click on Add

– Enter the Data Reference in the Reference bar i.e. 
– Where Sheet1 is the name of the sheet containing the data.
– A1:C3 is the range containing the data in that sheet.
– Click on the Add option.
– Repeat this step for each Sheet.

Step 5 – Tick Mark the options in Use labels in section

– Tick mark the Top row and Left column options.

Step 6 – Click on OK 

– Click on the OK option in the Consolidate dialog box.