How to change legend names in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Charts are a great way to visualize data and Excel provides several options for creating charts and formatting them. When you create a chart in Excel with multiple sets of data, it is a good practice to include a legend so that the viewer understands the data being displayed. Excel provides two ways in which the legend names can be changed:

  1. Change the name in the underlying dataset
  2. Change the name of the series 

Option 1 – Change the underlying dataset

Step 1 – Change the first name

  • Go to the dataset on which the chart is built
  • Change the first column name
  • Press Enter
  • Check that the legend is updated with the new name

Step 2 – Change all the names

  • Change the other names
  • The legend is updated with the new names

Option 2 – Change the name of the series

Step 1 – Open the Select Data Source box

  • Select the chart to summon the Chart Design  menu option
  • Go to Chart Design > Data
  • Click on Select Data

Step 2 – Open the Edit Series box

  • Under Legend Entries (Series), select ‘Month 1’
  • Click Edit

Step 3 – Change the first series name

  • Under Series name enter:

=”October 2022”

  • Click OK

Step 4 – Change all the series names

  • Repeat Step 3 for all the series names:
    • Month 2 =”November 2022”
    • Month 3 =”December 2022”
    • Month 4 =”January 2023”
  • Click OK to close the Select Data Source box

Step 5 – Check the result

  • The names have changed in the legend without changing the names in the underlying dataset