How to capitalize all letters in Excel

In this tutorial we will learn how to change the case of letters by using specific formula.

There is a formula to capitalize all the letters. This formula changes all the letters in uppercase. 

=UPPER( ) 

To change the case of letters we have following steps to follow.

Microsoft Excel is a very unique software produced for numeric calculations and data manipulation. If you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis then you know that there are certain tasks that you perform over and over again. One of those tasks is probably capitalizing the first letter of each word in a cell if you find yourself doing this often. Then it will be a good news that there is a shortcut and a built-in tool, by using that one can easily change the case of all the letters and make our data presentable.

Step 1 – Select cell and apply the formula

Above is an animation as an example.

– Select the cell and apply the formula.
– Select the cell number you wish to capitalize the value close parentheses.
– As long as you press the enter key.
– All the text will be converted in upper case.