How to apply thick outside borders in Excel

You can watch a video tutorial here.

Excel provides many options for formatting worksheets. One of the options is to create or remove a border for cells or a table. Borders help define the outline of a table and are a good option when formatting your sheet to make it look neater. Many types of borders can be added and you have the option to change the color, style, and thickness as well.

Option 1 – Use the preset option 

Step 1 – Select the area

  • Select the area for which the outside border is to be created

Step 2 – Choose the border

  • On the Home menu, click the Borders button on the Font section
  • On the drop-down menu, select the Thick Outside Borders option

Step 3 – Check the result

  • A thick border is drawn around the selected area

Option 2 – Use the Format Cells option

Step 1 – Open the Format Cells window 

  • Select the area for which the border has to be added

Step 2 – Open the Format Cells window

  • Right-click and select Format Cells  from the context menu


Go to Home > Number  and click on the arrow to expand the menu


Go to Home > Cells > Format > Format Cells


Press Ctrl+1

Step 3 – Choose the border to be added

  • Go to the Border tab
  • Select a thick line under Style
  • Select the Outline preset or click the outline border buttons or create the outline by clicking on the preview diagram

Step 4 – Check the result

  • A thick border outlines the selected area