How to add numbered list in Microsoft Excel

Numbered lists are a commonly used feature in many forms of written communication, including in email, presentations, reports, and other documents. These lists help to organize information and make it easier for the reader to follow the writer’s thoughts.Numbered lists are especially important in expository writing, where the writer needs to present a series of ideas or steps in a logical order. By numbering the items in the list, the reader can easily identify each item and understand the sequence of ideas being presented.

In this tutorial we will learn how to add numbered lists in Microsoft Excel.In Microsoft Excel, there are multiple methods to generate a numbered list. One way is to manually create the list using the autofill feature or the ROW function. Another option is to utilize a text box to add a numbered list.

Method 1 : Add a Numbered List Using ROW Function

Step 1 – Select a Blank Cell

  • Select a blank cell in a column in which you want to add the number list.

Step 2 – Place an Equals Sign

  • Place an Equals sign in the blank cell.

Step 3 – Enter the ROW Function

  • Enter the ROW function to create the list.
  • The syntax of the ROW function is: 


  • Where the first argument is the number from which you want to start the list.
  • The second argument is the number where the list has to end.

Step 4 – Press the Enter Key

  • Press the Enter key to create the numbered list.

Method 2 : Add a Numbered List Using the Text Box

Step 1 – Insert a Text Box

  • Go to the Insert Tab in the menu bar.
  • Click on the Text button and Select the Text Box option.
  • The cursor will change to an arrow.
  • Click on the place where you want the Text Box to be.

Step 2 – Enter the Data

  • Enter the data in the text box for which you want to add a numbered list.

Step 3 – Select the Data

  • Select the entered data.

Step 4 – Right Click on the Data

  • Right click on the selected data.
  • Context menu will appear.

Step 5 – Click on the List Arrow with Bullets Option

  • Click on the list arrow with the bullets option .
  • Click on Bullets and Numbering option.

Step 6 – Go to the Numbered Tab and Select the Numbered List

  • Go to the numbered tab in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
  • Select the Numbered List option.

Step 7 – Click on OK 

  • Click on OK in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
  • The numbered list will be created.