How to add new sheet in workbook by using shortcut

Microsoft Excel is a very useful and powerful data analyzing software developed by a famous company named Microsoft Corporation. It can perform various tasks from basic simple arithmetic operations to complex mathematical problem solving. An Excel workbook consists of several worksheets in which you can plot information and data in the form of tables, text and charts.

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to learn a very basic technique to create a new worksheet in excel by using a simple keyboard shortcut key. Let’s start today’s tutorial by looking at the following sheet as an example. The following sheet contains general information about people regarding their age, gender and salary. We’re going to create a new sheet in the following workbook shown above.

As you can see here only one sheet named sheet1 is created by default. Follow the given steps below to create a new sheet by shortcut key.

Method 1 – Creating new sheet by keyboard shortcut

Step 1 – Create new sheet

  • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard.
  • Then press F11 key i.e., Shift+ F11.
  • If this doesn’t work then press Alt+Shift+F11.
  • New sheet will be created automatically.

Method 2 – Creating new sheet by Excel built-in shortcut button

Step 1 – Create new sheet from the + button with sheet’s name

  • Locate the + button next to your sheet name.
  • Then press that button.
  • Now, a new sheet will be created, as shown above.